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Add Obituary generates the form that permits you to enter an obituary into the system.

You must enter an image in each obituary that you enter. Go 2 The Net will supply an image that will not be visible if you want no image to show in the final obituary. To add the image click on the browse button, and navigate to the image you want to upload. The image must either be a GIF or a JPG image and the total size of the file must be less than 50 kB. To look good the image should be about 200 pixels wide and about 250 high. Smaller images also will yield attarctive looking obituaries.

You may enter a year of "0000" in the Date of Birth to prevent the birth date from being printed.

The obituary text should be broken into relatively short paragraphs. The "Enter" key should be used only to terminate paragraphs.

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