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The memorial picture board is created by adding sections containing pictures and text. Each section may contain one picture, a title, regualar text and caption text. The title, caption and text is not displayed at this time. We have found that extensive scrolling would be required if we attempted to display the text information at this time. We will add the display of the text when most users have moved to higher resolution displays.

We use the terms section and paragraph intercahngable despite the fact that the sections contain more than a conventional paragraph in English.

The following screen is displayed when you first edit a memorial picture board. At that time there are no paragraphs, so the only options are to add a new paragraph or to return to the main menu.

Click on Insert New Paragraph to produce a form similar to the one shown above and to the right.

The form you receive after creating a new section will not contain the Thumbnail field, since no picture has been loaded at that time. Each paragraph you create will be listed on the same page, so a page could contain several forms that look like the one shown above.


Enter a picture by clicking on the Browse button in the form. Navigate through the directories on your local computer the picture you want to upload, and select that image. Then click on the Update this section button. The screen will be redrawn and you will see the image you have uploaded in the Thumbnail field.

There are two Insert New Paragraph buttons, one above the section and one below it. Click on the first one to insert a new section above the paragraph and click on the second one to create a new paragraph after the one you are looking at. You also may delete the paragraph by clicking on the Delete preceeding section button.

Images All images must either be JPG or GIF files. The maximum size of an image is about 50 kB which is large enough for any image. Your images should be smaller than that so that users do not experience long download times.


Image (Continued) The physical size of the images should be no wider than about 400 pixels and no higher than about 350 pixels. These sizes will permit users with limited screen resolution to view the images without extensive scrolling. The exact sizes that can be used is dependant upon the exact layout of your web site, so you may be able to user somewhat larger images or may be restricted to slightly smaller images.

Other Fields None of the other fields are used when displaying the memorial picture board, and we ask that you make no entries in those fields at this time. We plan to start using those fields when most users have migrated to higher resolution displays.

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