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On-line obituaries are the focus of many people that will view your web site. Go 2 The Net devotes as many as six pages to display all the obituary information. Two of those pages are depicted here.

You enter all the information displayed in the obituary pages through a simple form in a password protected private web site. Click here to review details of the administrative forms.

The list of obituaries is shown in the bottom image. The list can be ordered by the last name of the deceased or by the date of death with the most recent obituaries listed first. The date can be displayed in several formats.

The obituary itself is shown in the foreground of the image. You may enter as much or as little information in the obituary as is appropriate. The obituary shown in the picture gives the dates of birth and death. The age can be displayed instead. Links to Sign Guest Book, View Guest Book, and View Memorial Picture Board. You also may include other links at the end of the obituary.

Like all other pages in a Go 2 The Net designed web site, all the obituary pages have a look that is consistent with the rest of the site.

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